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Intrunire la "Rondo", 10 februarie, 2006
Intrunire la "Rondo", 10 februarie, 2006


Poveste bufniliana II
Poveste bufniliana II


Poveste bufniliana II
  • ... tot in limba engleza. si tot fara voia aitorului :)

    An excerpt from Bufnila's Award winning novel: Jazzonia...

    by Ovidiu Bufnila

    When on the Terraria planet the Time’s Gates were opening, the Atlanticus ocean was throwing, on its hot beaches, glassy corpse, rusty airplanes, broken gramophones, flattened refrigerators, yellowed diaries, sodden, swollen books, broken statues, hollow pots, washing machines made like balls, shabby sport shoes, condoms torn to shreds, shriveled box gloves, discolored electoral posters, cracked casks and many other things that made the Terrariens run after from morning until evening, very curious and frightened.

    Sometimes, the magnetic plains being devastated, from that whole amalgam of crushed and twisted forms were borning varied creatures which were giving much trouble to everybody. Some of them were stupid, other were extremely intelligent. They seemed to be indestructible, so the world started to tolerate them, to avoid them or to just ignore them.
    Nobody was wondering when, in the morning, trough the mauve haze, a silver bike with lilac wings and crocodile head which was yelling to some hurried passer, was whizzing trough the air:
    Hey, man, what time is it?!
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    Data: 06.12.2003 05:40
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